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A thank you and acknowledgement of everyone who has supported this project, directly or indirectly

Published onDec 14, 2020

The research paper has been written by Dr. Andrea Wallace at the University of Exeter Law School, with the support of many collaborators and organizations.

The project was funded by Creative Commons and the Wikimedia Foundation, who came together to support the sustainability of this research paper and the development of the Declaration, during a crucial moment.

I would especially like to thank Evelin Heidel (Scann), Fiona Romeo, Sandra Fauconnier, Ben Vershbow, and Claudio Ruiz for their time and collaboration.

I am indebted to the intellectual generosity of the reviewers, who contributed their valuable time and insight, and helped to shape and inform this resource:

  • Majd Al’Shihabi, MASRAD Collective

  • Sina Bahram, Prime Access Consuting

  • Kristine Khouri, Researcher and Archivist

  • Dr. Mathilde Pavis, University of Exeter

  • Nathan mudyi Sentance (Wiradjuri)

Many peers provided guidance on various topics through OpenGLAM monthly meetings, phone calls, emails, and comments to the paper (who will be added shortly, and continuously updated).

Finally, thank you to everyone who has done the important groundwork and risk taking to get open GLAM to where it is today.

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